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    Yahoo Music Unlimited - Cheap music subscription service

    IMPORTANT UPDATE: Yahoo! Music Unlimited was bought by Rhapsody and is no longer available.

    Yahoo! Music Unlimited is a cheap music subscription service. It offers two billing options: $71.88 per year, billed annually (that's just $5.99 per month); or $8.99 per month, billed monthly. Subscription fees at Rhapsody, Napster, Urge are higher.

    Yahoo! Music Unlimited offers over two million full-length songs to play and save. You can listen to the entire collection from any PC, anywhere.

    Register at Yahoo! Music Unlimited for free and enjoy a 14-day free trial!

    Using Yahoo! Music Unlimited subscription music with a portable device is subject to an extra monthly/annual subscription fee and is not included in this free trial offer. iPods do not accept Yahoo! Music Unlimited To Go subscription tracks. But the service works with many PlayForSure players* :

    • Archos Pocket AV400,
    • Audiovox SMT5600,
    • Creative Zen Micro/Zen Micro Photo/Zen PMC/Zen Sleek/Zen Sleek Photo/Zen Touch/Zen Xtra/Zen Vision/Zen Vision M/Zen V,
    • Dell Pocket DJ/DJ Gen 2/Ditty,
    • Axim X50,
    • Gateway Photo Jukebox,
    • iRiver Clix/H10/H320/H340/PMC-120/T10/T30/U10,
    • Motorola Q,
    • Nokia N91,
    • PalmOne LifeDrive,
    • Philips HDD Go Gear Micro Jukebox,
    • RCA Lyra 2762/Lyra 2765,
    • Samsung K5/YH-820/YH-925GS/Yepp YH-999 PMC/YP-Z5/Blackjack Windows Mobile Phone,
    • Sandisk Sansa m200/e200 series,
    • Siren Edge,
    • T-Mobile MDA,
    • Toshiba Gigabeat MEG-F20

    * the updated list can be found at Yahoo! Music Unlimited web-site

    Yahoo! Music Unlimited is available to US-based subscribers only.

    Yahoo! Music Unlimited subscribers are able to stream and download an unlimited number of music tracks.

    Benefits of Yahoo! Music Unlimited:

    • Unlimited access over 2 million songs
    • Play and save music to PC or compatible device
    • Unlimited access from any PC without paying per track
    • Over 150 LAUNCHcast Plus radio stations
    • Thousands of playlists to discover new music
    The service uses DRM-protected Window Media .wma 192 kbit/s audio files. DRM (digital rights management) protection does not permit copying or transferring music files to other users. Share function available only for subscribers to access another subscriber's Yahoo! Music Unlimited music files.

    DRM technology also prevents music tracks from being accessed once a user's subscription is discontinued or expires. Thus, if you want to download and own a music track, you must pay an additional fee.

    Note: You must cancel within the 14-day free trial period or you'll automatically be charged the subscription fee you selected during registration. Free trials are available to new customers in the United States only. A valid credit card is required at sign up for validation.

    Yahoo! Music Unlimited Free Trial.

    NEWS: Replay Media Catcher 6 is now available. Downloads from more sites than ever!

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