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    How to find flash .FLV video stream RTMP and HTTP URLs with URL Snooper

    Project URL Snooper is a freeware URL finder software. It allows you to find hidden stream URLs.

    How to find flash stream URLs with URL Snooper

    1. Open your browser and go to the page containing the stream you are interested in
    2. Start Project URL Snooper. Select your network adapter from the drop-down list on the "Options" tab in the "Network sniffing options" group. Add "rtmp;netstream;flv" to the "Also search for" box on the "Search" tab. Click on "Sniff Network."
    3. Go to the browser or media player and start playing your flash stream.
    4. Hopefully you will soon see the stream URLs appear in the Results List.
    5. After the Flash stream begins playing, you may stop it.
    6. Drag URLs to targets, or right-click to copy to clipboard or launch 3rd party apps.

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