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    How to capture/save/record pay-per-view movies or videos?

    Pay-per-view content is usually protected by Digital Rights Management (DRM) system. Few DRM protected streams can be recorded using streaming media recorders. WM Recorder is the only software that we know that allows to record DRM protected Windows Media stream. Please note that WM Recorder can't remove DRM protection. If you have a valid license for your DRM protected recordings you may use DRM removal software to remove protection, but highly recommend not to abuse rental licences.

    If you don't have a valid license or can't remove DRM protection for any other reason, use Screen capture software. Please note that some of these programs cannot record audio into the .AVI (or any other video file) from the microphone, line-in, speaker, or any other sound produced by your soundcard. And it is not a good idea to record audio and video separately because audio/video synchronization is not an easy task.

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