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    SHOUTcast rippers

    How to download/save/capture/record/rip Winamp video streams (.nsv winamp TV) and audio streams (.mp3 Shoutcast and Icecast online radio stations)

    Multiformat Stream Recorders supporting SHOUTcast ripping are preferred to SHOUTcast rippers because they support more formats and so you get all-in-one stream recorder. Though many SHOUTcast rippers have advanced track splitting mechanism as well as handy media collection management.

    Multiformat Stream Recorders supporting SHOUTcast ripping (recording)

    • HiDownload (HD) 7.x - is the leading download manager (a real alternative to FlashGet, Reget, GetRight, Go!zilla, etc.). HD can record IceCast/SHOUTcast streams automatically splitting and tagging MP3 files. It can also record Windows Media (HTTP, RTSP, MMS protocols) audio/video streams, QuickTime video (HTTP protocol), RealMedia, RealAudio and RealVideo (HTTP, RTSP protocols) streaming media.
      The free trial period is 50 days.
      Download the latest version of HiDownload
      Buy HiDownload at Avantgate for US $39.95 to use full features.

    • Net Transport 2.x (Shareware/Windows)
      Net Transport can record:
      • Windows Media streams (.ASF, .ASX, .WMA, .WMV, ...) through HTTP, RTSP and MMS
      • Real Media streams (.RM, .RA, .RMVB, .RAM, .SMIL) through HTTP, RTSP
      • QuickTime streams through HTTP
      • ShoutCast streams (.MP3, .NSV) through HTTP
      Net Transport can postprocess metafiles (ASX, RAM, SMIL)
      You can download password-protected files. BASIC and NTLM authentication is supported for HTTP, MMS and RTSP downloads. In addition, RN5 authentication works for RTSP downloads. Even OPIE (One Password In Everything) and SSL (Secure Socket Layer) are also supported for FTP.
      Shoutcast Metadata Protocol and MP3 broadcast streaming are supported.
      Platform: Windows
      The free trial period is 30 days.
      Price: $29.95.
      Download NetTransport 2.x
      Buy Net Transport 2.x at Plimus for US $29.95

    SHOUTcast rippers

    • Streamripper Winamp plugin and console versions (Free/Windows) - You can use it to rip (copy) streams of the following kinds:
      • .mp3 and .ogg Shoutcast streams - the kind of streams that Winamp radio uses.
      • .mp3 Icecast streams - a GNU GPL/Open Source version of Shoutcast.
      • .nsv (Nullsoft Streaming Video) streams - which Winamp tv uses (but you'll have to manually change the filenames of the ripped files from .mp3 to .nsv to play them).

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    Hint: Looking for an easy way to convert Youtube to MP3 or download YouTube Videos? Try Freecorder.

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