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Internet television: over 1000 TV, video channels, web cams

CTube! Screenshot - internet television - Windows Media streams and Streaming RealVideo CTube! is the world's first and only Internet television tuner program with a variety of over 1000 channels of daily and live broadcasts.

Easy-to-use controls, no additional equipment required, watch in regular or full-screen mode, visit live content not available anywhere else, great for education, entertainment, foreign programming, also includes automatic station list updates.

CTube! is ideal for watching free movies, music videos, international programs, learning languages, and exploring cultural or alternative programming (Windows Media streams and Streaming RealVideo).

Main features:

  •   Subscription is FREE!
  •   Over 1000 Channels
  •   New Channels - FREE
  •   Personalized Channel Favorites
  •   Improved, Easy-to-use Interface
  •   Low and High Bandwidth Stations
  •   Compatible with Windows 95 through XP
  •   Multiple formats support (Windows Media streams and Streaming RealVideo)

*Requires RealPlayer™ and Microsoft Media Player™

CTube! is the largest resource available for viewing Internet Television, with over 1000 channels of TV, video channels and Web cams.

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