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How to Record Streaming Video from Live Web Cams to Hard Disk

With Mr. Captor you can easy record streaming video from live web cams by using its movies capture technology.

See Record streaming video. Step-by-Step instructions.

Note, you don't need to install an additional hardware/software on your PC to record streaming video!
You can start to record it immediately right after installing Mr. Captor on your computer.
Also you can use this feature to record Flash movies and any kind of animation/streaming video located on Web pages or on your computer.

Capture Streaming Video. Step-by-Step instructions.

  1. Run Mr. Captor

  2. Go to the Preferences | Timer/Video page.

  3. Set up the following parameters: Capture Video radio button, Frames Per Second (FPS), Path for AVI movies, Compressor.

    You can set the Frames Per Second (FPS) value in 1-100 range. But you need to take into account a performance of your system. The faster your system is, the higher this value can be set. The real speed of recording is shown when the recording is finished.

    Path for AVI movies is the path to store the output files.

    Compressor (codec) is a driver for video compressor. An uncompressed video is too large. For this reason, it is better to select an appropriate compressor. Microsoft Video 1 codec is suitable for most purposes.

  4. Select a region to record and click the Start Timer context menu command (instead of Grab Now) to start the recording. The flashing frame will appear. You will also see the Red button designed to stop recording when finished.

  5. Stop the recording by clicking the Red button.The program prompts you to play the result video file. It also shows the real speed of recording.

That's all.

Important notes on recording performance

Recording performance depends on following factors:


  • CPU speed.
  • HDD and controller's speed (SCSI controllers are faster than EIDE) .


  • Size of area to record (the smaller an area the better).
  • Number of colors (the smaller a number the better).
  • Running other applications during recording slows this process.

These issues finally affect the playback quality. For example, if you try to capture fast or large movies on slow computer the playback will not be smooth and the effect of "image jumping" can distort your animation.

Please read before you ask questions:

  1. If you still have problems with the recording a screen action (black screen), try to turn off the hardware acceleration of your graphical card. In many cases it helps.
  2. If the playback speed differs from the recording one, it means your hardware fails to capture a screen action with that speed. Try to decrease a FPS (Frames Per Second). When the capture is finished, a final dialog shows the real speed of the recording. Set a FPS it displays.
  3. Current version of Mr. Captor doesn't record a sound.
But Mr. Captor can do much more!

It captures regions, windows, DirectX games, cursors, menu, colors, long web pages, PDFs and DOCs using auto-scroll feature. Extracts images from EXE, DLL, OCX, SCR files. Can record screen action and save it as AVI file. Saves captured images in a variety of graphical formats. Additional features include hotkeys, image editing, email support, web publishing, printing and more. Can be useful for designers, web masters, developers, technical writers and others.

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