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    Cinema Now - #1 legal movie download site.

    Legally downloading Hollywood movies from Disney, Fox, Lions Gate, MGM, Sony, Universal, Warner Bros. and more

    CinemaNow is the leading site for legally downloading Hollywood movies. This innovative and cutting edge entertainment company lets users rent movies online and download them to your laptop or PC.

    CinemaNow holds the Internet distribution rights to the most extensive and comprehensive library of content available on-demand via the public Internet and private broadband networks. The CinemaNow library contains approximately 7,500 feature-length films, shorts, music concerts and television programs from more than 250 licensors, including 20th Century Fox, ABC News, Disney, Endemol, MGM, Miramax, NBC Universal, Sony, Sundance Channel, Warner Bros. and Lions Gate Entertainment.

    CinemaNow also has Music Videos, News and More! Membership to CinemaNow includes access to over 1500 Member-Only Videos, News Content and the ability to download any of their Free Video Streams.

    How does CinemaNow work?
    Users of CinemaNow browse and search their library of hundreds of new and classic movies. New movies can be rented for $3.99 and older titles for $2.99. Users have 24 hours to watch the video, but that 24 hour period does not start until you first press "Play" and you do not need to be connected to the internet to play the movie back. That means you can download movies to your laptop and watch them anywhere on the plane, in your hotel, in the airport, at the park ... anywhere!

    CinemaNow offers two simple ways to watch. Choose whether you want to download or stream your purchase. Either way, find full screen, DVD-quality versions of your selection!
    In keeping with its history of innovation, CinemaNow recently premiered two new formats for its video content: a portable media format that is accessible on devices supporting Microsoft's Portable Media Center platform, and HD content with which CinemaNow distinguished itself as the first broadband distributor of high-definition video-on-demand.

    Why CinemaNow?

    • Largest selection of the movies, TV shows, concerts and more.
    • Fast download times
    • Completely legal and authorized by the major studios
    • Best customer experience for discovering and downloading video
    • Tons of contests, sweepstakes and promotions
    • Trusted company = Online since 1999
    • Lets you watch movies anywhere!
    • 7-Day Free Trial

    Join CinemaNow and enjoy all CinemaNow videos in crystal-clear quality at FULL SCREEN SIZE on your player. Pause, stop, fast-forward or rewind, as you need. You are in charge!

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