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    Free streaming video clips (music video streams)

    • Yahoo Launch - The most music videos on the web.
      Yahoo Launch music videos are free to watch. New video clips are added every day! Video clips of the following genres are available: pop, rock, country, rap, r&b, blues, christian, electronica, jazz, latin, new age, reggae, world.
      Windows Media Player is required to watch music clips.
      You can select the video you want to see by browsing or searching for a particular artist or video. You will also have access to top 100 video clips of the week. Once you have clicked on your video, a LAUNCH-branded video player opens for the video to play in. You must be a member to watch more than two videos.
      Users with fast connections such as T1 lines, cable modems, and DSL connections are able to watch the videos at a much higher quality than 56K and 28K dial-up modem users.
      See also: How to record streaming video clips: free Yahoo Launch music videos

    • MTV
      MTV is a great collection of free streaming video clips. MTV videos use Windows Media and RealVideo formats (Windows Media Player and/or RealPlayer is required to watch music clips).
      You can also download some audio and video files of the latest hits, tune in to MTV streaming radio stations, learn more about videos with extended play, or remix your favorite artist's music.
      See also: How to record free music video stream from MTV

    • VH1
      VH1 is a great collection of free streaming music videos. VH1 uses Windows Media streamed through RTSP protocol (Windows Media Player is required to watch music clips).
      VH1 also provides complete artist information including news, bio, message boards, and more.
      You can also tune in to VH1 radio and watch/listen to live performances at LIVE@VH1.COM.
      See also: How to save free steaming music videos from VH1

    • AOL Music
      AOL Music is a great collection of free streaming video clips. There are many live music videos including Sessions@AOL in-studio performances. You can choose from thousands songs, videos, performances.
      You can also tune in to AOL radio, have access to artist biographies, expert and member ratings, discographies and more.
      With help from AOL's music partners, iTunes and MusicNet, you can now purchase digital downloads from AOL Music. Both services give you access to over half a million songs, and offer the ability to download songs directly to your computer and burn them to CDs. With iTunes, you can even download songs to your Apple iPod. Just remember, before you can get started downloading songs, you'll need to install iTunes or MusicNet on your computer.
      See also: How to save/rip/download/record free streaming music videos from Sessions@AOL

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